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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 29, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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-- i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: welcome to justice. i'm. adam: . thanks for being with -- i'm jeanine pirro. thank you for being with us. joining me corey lewandowski and mike huckabee and jason chaffetz on deck. all with us to break down the uranium one scandal and the russian dossier. first my opening statement. it's time to shut it down, turn the tables and lock her up. that's what i said, i actually said it, lock her up.
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the hous house of cards upon whh the obamas and the clintons built cushion connection, the clinton campaign and the dnc paid $12 million for a dossier to connect donald trump to russia. to circumvent federal election laws, the campaign paid a law firm who paid a research firm to paid a former british crime to get dirt on donald trump from kremlin-connected russians. why is this important? the fbi previously worked with this christopher steele who was a british spy and under director expwraims comey they paid him an additional $50,000 to continue with the research. this dossier was used not only to smear the president, it was
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used to create a special counsel. it was the basis for congressional hearings. the reason for wall to wall anti-president trump coverage. but in addition to that, the dossier was used as a predicate for further investigation, wiretaps, unmasking, and fisa warrants. and if it was, then whatever was developed as a result is classic fruit of the poisonous tree. illegal and unusable. folks, this has been a charade. a wag the dog. you make up a crime. you acute other side of the crime. you call in your friends to prosecute the crime. and your friends collect the cash involved in the deal making that is the essence of the crime itself. last week i told you in 2010 the
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obama administration approved the sale of 1/5 of our uranium to russia. as early as 2009 the fbi and the department of justice were investigating russian extortion and bribery efforts to access our uranium. yet the obama administration through its committee for foreign investment weather cfius, approves the sale. on that committee, hillary clinton whose husband got a half a million dollars. hillary clinton's foundation got $150 million. eric holder whose justice department quietly disposed of that international racketeering case that was the genesis to access the uranium. along with 7 other obama appointees. virtually every one of them had connection to the clinton foundation. when the republican conscious
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congressman questioned why would the united states be selling uranium or approving the sale that is used to create nuclear weapons to our enemy, the republican congressman was shut down, basically saying don't worry about it. starting monday this has to happen. special counsel and former fbi director robert mueller must be fired immediately. this role as head of the fbi during the uranium deal and the russian extortion case, his friendship with jim comey demands his firing. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein must be fired immediately. his appoint of his pal bob mueller who he knew was head of the fbi at the time of the uranium deal, as well as the underlying case itself must go while he rod rosenstein oversaw
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the prosecution of the underlying extortion case. and rosenstein's recommendation that jeff sessions recuse himself are grounds enough for him to go. the special counsel's office must be shut down. this is more than a cabal of individuals relying on false evidence to impeach donald trump. if there are any charges voted by a grand jury which we hear there are that will be disclosed monday. the department of justice can take over. jeff sessions must appoint someone to investigate the uranium deal. the sale of uranium to russia who was assisting at that time iran in iran's nuclear development has put our national security in jeopardy. a 2010 case, this is long before donald trump ever got into the presidential race. and if he doesn't do it, it's
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time for sessions to go. i have heard enough of this. i'm not going after the email, i'm not going after lois lerner. i'm not going after loretta lynch and i don't care how many of his swamp pals walk out. fluff of this one hand washes the other establishment nonsense. jim comey, he needs to be the target of a federal criminal investigation for his role in the hillary clinton email scandal. writing an exoneration before witnesses were questioned. stepping out of his lane to announce a decision over which he had absolutely no jurisdiction. how much classified information was on his laptop that he leaked to his sources to then leak the "new york times"? and debbie wasserman-schultz. the lying to congress about not knowing about the money from the dnc for the trump dossier. why did she keep a pakistani and
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his family with limited experience and he's now charged with bank fraud and moving money out of this country. and interrupting the democratic process steering the nomination from bernie sanders to her girlfriends hillary clinton. andrew mccabe must go. his wife a congressional candidate running with hillary in 2016 received $765,000 which unused money left over from the campaign she is allowed to pocket. which she got from terry mcall live, onmcall -- mcall i mcaulie directors of the clinton foundation.
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finally, everyone on see fuss who i -- everyone on cfius who l our uranium to russia. they need to be put under oath. what monies did they receive in connection with their activities with the foundation. this nation has been fractured as clinton, obama, the democrats, sanctimonious adam schiff accusing donald trump and his family of colluding with the russians. the whole time they were the ones lying, they were the ones making it up, they were the ones cutting the deals and collecting the cash. they knew it was a lie. they wrote the lie. they bought lie and paid for the lie. and we are the fools that followed them down the path. this isn't about one defendant,
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one criminal, or one president. this is about our democracy. it's about law and order. it's about the republic. and it's time for the republicans to step up to the plate to man you and do their job or get the hell out. that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page, instagram or twitter. mash #judge jeanine. congressman ron desantis, what say you? >> you are ready to drain that swamp. this dossier paid for by the democratic party, debbie wasserman-schultz, the dnc, the
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clintons. if that was used as the basis of this surveillance by jim comey and the fbi, that means all this puff about russia collusion that happened over these many months all goes back to that unstrayerified essentially piece of garbage. so all of this tough is called into question. you would not have had all these committees investigating and you wouldn't have had a special counsel appointed. judge jeanine: last week you came out and said we are investigating the uranium deal. you didn't even wait for the chair of the committee. you have said we are going for it. why are they dragging their feet? why are they not demands that mueller pull back? what are they afraid of? >> i hope that last week is an
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inflection point for republicans in congress. when this existence of this informant who was working for the fbi about the our rainup one deal was exposed, we had to investigate. then you also had an investigation launched into the comey memos. and then destri -- devin nunes a good job investigating the dossier memos. the american people are thanking me on the streets. if we want to drain the swamp. now is our time to do it. judge jeanine: you wrote a letter to jeff sessions and rod rosenstein. this guy appoints mueller when he knew he was on the uranium
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one deal. rosenstein was on the ou uranium one prosecution and they are dance weather devil. you write -- dancing with the devil. did they ever answer you? >> no. in fact we did, jim jordan and myself and a number of other members. we did go meet with people at the justice department even the attorney general, reiterating these issues need resolution. judge jeanine: what do they tell you until. >> they don't say they won't do it. they say we don't talk about investigation. that's why it's frustrating because people say why is any of this stuff happening? especially with the clinton stuff. give therein was criminal activity underlying this deal, i think it's legitimate to have a counsel look at that.
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judge napolitano: i can tell my viewers in the next few weeks it's happening. what can we do? >> we are getting the documents from the confidential informant. we'll be bringing him in for sphinlts viewers. -- in for interviews. so my hope is, if they haven't done a special counsel by then when we are availing some of this information, they will have no choice but to do so. judge jeanine: we are going to one of your ex-colleagues, jason chaffetz. we are also going to talk about washington. jason, i have a letter to jeff sessions from you referring to bryan pagliano. it all comes back to the same stuff. you guys have been pushing for months and years to get to the
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bottom of it. as they push back, clinton and pagliano, they keep asserting the fifth. they keep denying and saying we don't have anything. even the state department today, 70,000 pages that have been ordered by a federal judge, they won't deliver it. what can you tell us about what's being done now? and what can you do? >> the state department is holding tens of thousands of documents on a case they claim is closed. when i met with attorney general sessions i basically got a stiff arm. i got an attorney general who said he would not comply and wouldn't do any sort of prosecution. when he was a senator he would have never put up with that. but the deep state is very real. they are pushing back. but we can't do the basic oversight. judge jeanine: is he afraid of
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them? i'm so glad you got oversight. you guys do not have a grand jury, you cannot impanel a grand jury, you cannot prosecutor put someone in jail. what does the president have to do to get sessions to do his job and get rid of rose tn stein who appointed mueller and all his crazy cabal. what do you tell the president? >> just on the basic fact, are you conflicted or not? do you have any conflict of interest? based on bar rules, and based on the rules. the president should ask do you have any conflict of interest? and the chief of staff can also do this. general kelly can say do you have a conflict of interest? if there is a conflict, they need to step aside immediately. judge jeanine: so mueller should say immediately he has a conflict. he never told as far as we know was on that uranium one
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underlying case. he never talked about his relationship with comey and we are not sure he told anyone on cfius when the clinton-connected people said it's okay to sell our our rainup and let's not tell anyone about it. what do you think of that? >> there is no reason congress can't call up each of the nine cabinet-level people of and ask them why was it in the best interests of the united states of america to give 20% of our uranium reserves essentially to the russians. but congress doesn't have the guts to do it. it's part of the reason i left. i got so frustrated with the fact that congress will not stand up for itself. and our leadership does not think this is important. judge jeanine: do they all have so many skeletons? you know the american people out
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of their minds right now. no one has a problem -- if someone makes a mistake you punish them. but it's one after another after another. cash, the payoffs, the pay-to-play, the in your face, try me, i dare. this is outrageous. the american people have had it. >> congress does not have the ability toll even foarlts subpoena. only way to enforce a subpoena to the department of justice is to go to the department of justice. judge jeanine: should jeff sessions be out? >> i don't know what the case is to keep number this case. obvious conflicts of interest. give him a week or so or 10 days and say have you or have you not looked at conflict of interest. if he has, let's see the answer to that. at least on the surface these
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people are all conflict and should not be investigating or prosecuting cases they were involved with. judge jeanine: mike huck beef is still on deck. plus my exclusive interview with the chairman of the board of the museum of the bible. museum of the bible. corey lewandowski, i will bet
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call 1-800-501-6000 today. judge jeanine: the dems continue to down play developments in the obama-era uranium one deal and the russian dossier story. >> this whole uranium thing comes from fox news. this is a closed investigation that came up in peter schweizer's book "clinton cash" in 2015, it was discredited then. judge jeanine: did you hear that one, corey? >> i heard it. this is why the other networks get no ratings. they never want to admit what the truth is. we all know what the truth is. the truth is the clinton cabal
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was involved in the uranium deal. bill clinton was seen -- the emails show it, right before the uranium deal was done. bill clinton was meeting with vladimir putin. no one talks about it. those are the facts. judge jeanine: he gets $500,000 for a speech with a kremlin-connected company. what i love, he says in 2015 it was discredited. the truth is the "new york times" wrote about it and the uranium was not supposed to leave the country. and uranium is that essential ingredient to make a nuclear bomb, at the time russia was assisting iran in it nuclear development. is everybody stupid or do they x we are stupid? >> they clearly think we are stupid. they have perpetuated that for
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decade that they think it american people are side there they continuously lie to us. the $500,000 bill clinton got for that speech was probably a payoff for the uranium deal. hillary clinton had to sign off on it before it went to cfius. time and time again the clintons have lied to the american people and they are finally going to be held accountable for it. judge jeanine: 7 of the 9 people on cfius are connected to the clinton foundation. right now we have to put them under oath and find out exactly what the connection was. were they paid by the foundation for anything? were they informed by eric holder? let me talk about the fact that even loretta lynch who was well aware of the informant that was gagged, she used her own secret emails under an assumed name,
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elizabeth carlisle. these people are so corrupt it's stunning. and yes they proceed with a fake dossier, destroying the president. what should the president do now? should he make sure that jeff sessions starts his own special counsel or his own investigation? should he get rid of jeff sessions? what should the president do? >> i think first and foremost, i agree with what senator chuck grassley said, robert mueller who was the head of the fbi at the time the uranium one deal was put in place should have to recuse himself. as you move forward, i think it justice department has to look at all the things the clintons did during their tenure and while she was the secretary of state, including but not limited to that meeting on the tarmac between bill children to be and loretta lynch. what we know is there is no way they talked about golf and grandchildren for 30 minutes.
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one year ago today was the day comey came out with a letter we knew had a conclusion to. one year ago today comey came out with a letter that the decision was reached in his mind one year before. jim comey should have an investigation against him for all the fraud he perpetrated against this country. judge jeanine: all the leaks. he admitted he was responsible for at least one of them. how much classified information was on his laptop and the information he leaked to his friend to give to the "new york times." you understand with this uranium one, jeff sessions doesn't have tee point a special counsel. because the deal wasn't 2010 before or the corruption was before -- what am i trying to say, before the donald trump got into the race. >> that's right, judge.
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judge, the republican justice department should be going back and looking at he single shady deal that was done during hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state. they have the obligation to the american people. the justice department should be looking at this and we should bring everybody to justice because that was the shasm all shams. judge jeanine: if they don't, what should happen? >> i think the president should push the justice department to open that investigation immediately. it's his job. jeff, you do what the president asks you to do. that's your job at attorney general, you do what the president wants you to do. judge jeanine: "street justice" is next. keep it here on fox.
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judge jeanine: my next guest says the dems will rue the day they started a russian investigation. why do you think they will rue the day? >> it's blown up in their face. for more than a year they have been demanding we investigate the connection between trump and the russians. everybody with the campaign says there is no connection. now we finds out if there is a connection, it's the dnc, the hillary clinton campaign. the money they spent to get this dossier done. it's coming back to haunt them. the uranium deal that stings to high half -- stinks to high heaven. i want to make it clear, this isn't about whether you won or
12:34 am
lost an election. it's about whether you broke the law or not. that's the issue. judge jeanine: right after it broke that hillary clinton and the dnc, the clinton campaign paid over $12 million for a fake dossier, the only thing fake about this whole russia collusion thing. mueller said i have got an indictment i want to unseal monday. he doesn't actually say it. but it's leaked out and monday there is going to be an arrest. we don't know how it's going to be. whether it's manafort, whether it's for lying or perjury. it's interesting they are like oh, dear, this is dangerous, we have to let them know we are doing something serious. what's your take on mueller leak or moving forward on unsealing own indictment monday? >> i think it question begs to
12:35 am
be answered, who is leaking this stuff? this is a serious issue. if you have a sealed indictment sitting there and it's not suppose to be released until it's announced publicly, how did the news media get it? if i were in the justice department from jeff sessions on down, i would demand to know who leaked it and let's put the cuffs on them before the indictment gets rolled out. judge jeanine: if they went to court to get an arrest warrant, they bring in a sealed indictment. and they would have to come in to get arrest warrant. it's not like anyone is going to take off. they would have taken off by now. i think the timing is more significant. i think now that it looks don't.
12:36 am
they need to be. if you or i had done what the irs did, especially using the full power of the federal government to punish people for their polite cool views, i would like to -- for their political views, i would like to think there are honest minded liberals and democrats who would be as outraged by what the irs did as if it happened to them, because
12:37 am
it could happen to them. when the federal government uses its unlimited resources to destroy people, their businesses, their lives, their bank accounts. then that's criminal activity. it's the worst kinds of criminal activity. you are paying both sides of the crime. we pay the taxes to fund these guys, then we have to pay our own lawyers to defend ourselves. judge jeanine: museum of the bible, chairman. my exclusive
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judge jeanine: i haded the opportunity to sit dwownt chairman of the board for the museum of the bible, and the head of hobby lobby. you are one of the world largest retailers, privately owned retailers, and one of the most of successful businessmen in the country. yet you have undertaken this mammoth project, the mew seem bible here in watched. there is nothing like it anywhere in the world. why? >> i grew up in a home that had love for god's word. my parents took to us church and raised our family according to the bible. in our business if you look at the first statement of flynn our business to follow the
12:43 am
principles of the bible and it served us well. so i have been blessed personally by this book in multiple ways. and we want to encourage others to consider this book themselves. we want to inspire them to engage with it. >> they say 90% of american homes have within them a bible, yet it seems that this generation unlike previous generations has never been more distant from the bible. why do you think that is? >> i think you could argue we are probably more ignorant of this book than we once were as a nation. it was taught in our schools and people woke up knowing it. our founders would speak from the bible and they wouldn't have to give chapter and verse because everybody knew what they were talking about. today you make a quote from the
12:44 am
bible and people have no idea where it comes from. 10 common phrase in our vernacular come from the bible. judge jeanine: you created technology to tell this story, technology that didn't exist. you created it and patented it. >> one specific example, there is a digital docent, a tablet, where a visitor can customize it, tell it how long they want to be in the museum. what their interest is, and it will direct them through the museum using indoor guidance that knows where they are sat within inches. this is some of the new technology we have patented. judge jeanine: powerful, impactful, how much do they weigh? >> 16 tons.
12:45 am
ask. it's amazing how much of our american history reflects quotes from the bible. >> this is the mew seem bible here. we can show you we are just a few blocks from the united states capital. we do some of the paintings right there in the rotunda, there is a bible they are showing, a geneva bible in the painting that we'll show. this is where we have scripture around us all day long and we don't even not. phrases from our language that are used. judge jeanine: here you have victoria beckham with a tattoo that literally quotes the song of solomon. that the bible is so relevant to so many people in so many ways that we don't even recognize. one of the things that you have done that also speaks to how
12:46 am
religion plays such an important part in your life is as a not for profit business owner of hobby lobby, you took the obama administration to the united states supreme court. if you fought for ridge freedom. you funds the case. where the obama administration made a mandate that religion be damned and you have to pay for abortions for any employee in your employ. how hard was it and what did it feel like when you won? >> if life begins at conception as our family believes, then to take take an abortive drug or process, we view that as taking
12:47 am
life. that's something that violates our:religious beliefs. and there are until this country that believe the same way we do. that taking life is obviously in our mind wrong. and so for the government to come in and tell us we had to freely provide to our employees products that could take life, that violated our conscience. and we felt like we had no option but to take and challenge the government on the mandate they required to us take part of that. we met as a family and the decision was unanimous, we felt like we had no option but to challenge the government we love on the mandate they put on our business. judge jeanine: when you won? >> it was an exciting day. for many of us we somewhat felt like we would have a win. but there is no guarantee. there is a certain comfort that we had that we knew we were together right thing. and we were at oxford, my wife and i, the rest of the family
12:48 am
was at the corporate office in oklahoma city. and were sciep if -- and we werg in. the foundational principle this nation was built upon, our religious freedoms, were upheld. and just the prized -- the prized our country. -- the pride of our country. there are people all over the world engaging with this book and there is no book that can compare to that. judge jeanine: what do you say to american families about coming here? >> we want to invite all people to engage with this book. this is a museum for all people. this book has spoken to people from all different walks of life. so this is the place for people
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to come in and learn. judge jeanine: steven green, on behalf so many of us, you and your wife jackie have done an unbelievable job here, thank you. >> thank you for coming. judge jeanine: street "justice" people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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judge jeanine: a little street justice. this one has everyone seeing double, after reports a melania strum body double. here i am on the streets of manhattan. you are not going to believe the stuff that we heard on the streets today. the latest from the left is that there is a stunt double starntding in for melania trump. do you buy it? the new conspiracy theory is we don't know where melania is and that's her stunt double. has the left lost its mind? they say she's no longer around. do you believe that? >> i think she is around. judge jeanine: is she gone?
12:54 am
>> i think so. judge jeanine: did the aliens take her? >> i guess so. judge jeanine: the left is saying there is a body double for melania trump, and she is not standing with the president. do you buy that? >> the left is always crazy. >> be careful what you ask for were you stop kissing me. they say there is a body double for melania trump. do you believe that?
12:55 am
>> no. i love your show. judge jeanine: will they say there is a body double for the president? >> probably. judge jeanine: are we here? >> i don't know where we are. >> she is not a real person. she is a robot. there is nothing behind those eyes. just computer chips. also a robot. judge jeanine: how do i get rid of you? where is the first lady? >> michelle left. that's the real first lady. judge jeanine: where is melania? >> in trump tower somewhere. judge jeanine: where are you from? >> italy. i think a little bit of photo shopping -- judge jeanine: it's not photo
12:56 am
shopping, the woman is gorgeous. >> i agree she is gorgeous. judge jeanine: what are you, a rhinoplasty doctor? i like your glasses. we are friends. bye. bye. we'll be right my bladder leakage was making me feel like i couldn't spend time with my grandson. now depend fit-flex has their fastest absorbing material inside, so it keeps me dry and protected. go to - get a coupon and try them for yourself. recently our catastrophic devastation.d hurricanes and flooding have upended lives and livelihoods. across this great country, americans have answered the call. that special calling that compels us, when others are down, to step up and do whatever it takes. america is at her best when, against all odds, we come together and lift each other up. announcer: please donate to
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judge jeanine: follow me on
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twitter and instagram and set your dvr if you can't watch it. do it, thanks so much for watching. greg gutfeld is next. >> michael finn? greg: clearly it's not getting any better. [laughter] [applause] it's a helpless green from the losing team. think of an upcoming nationwide screech -fest to mark the anniversary of the 2016 election when donald trump shall ask hillary like an arts and crafts clay action figure. remember those? thousands of loser


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